Behind the scenes of Criminal Minds

1/2 hr to go EAST COAST!  Costumes Dept is ready for  

EAST COAST ARE YOU READY!!!   in 1hr. The good people in the Production Office are ready!

Our  Odd No. Locations Team is ready for , are you?

Even this dummy knows it’s time for the premiere

The #CriminalMinds Accounting department is making it rain for #CM10

 Post Production is ready with the  premier in hand.

Our man is getting ready for the premiere tonight!

The bullpen of is ready for the premiere of !

#CriminalMinds catering is cooking up a storm for #CM10 #SeasonX 

#CriminalMinds Writers Office is ready for the #CM10 premiere!!! @rickdunkle @sleewatson @Jsbarrois @VirgilWilliams 

ONE MORE DAY until the premiere! Writer/Producer is ready. Are YOU?!

Word. Just two more days until #CriminalMinds premieres. Crew is working day and night for #CM10 @ajcookofficial 

Five days. Something happens in five days??? …. Oh yeah, #CriminalMinds #SeasonX premieres! #CM10 @GUBLERNATION 

The writer’s office is ready for .   The pen is mightier than the sword.

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