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  3. The Criminal Minds production office doing their daily squat challenge. #timetogetfit

  4. March madness Criminal Minds style… aka raffle bracket madness. 

  5. A photo from the read thru yesterday, Ep 922 “Fatal” written by Bruce Zimmerman. #criminalminds #bigmoney 


  6. Don’t forget to watch a brand new Criminal Minds tonight at 9PM!

  7. Ideal viewing spot: Crafty on one side, monitors on the other. #CriminalMinds

  8. Classic scenes from #CriminalMinds Episode #9x21 Day 6 of 8… Any guesses as to what this sicko is up to?


  9. Via @digitallysquat our awesome Graphic Designer…#CriminalMinds Season 10 wallpaper!


  10. #CriminalMinds renewed for Season 10! Thanks for watching and for all your support! #BAUforlife

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  12. #CriminalMinds EP9x21 script tease ;-)

  13. Writer Ticona S. Joy on the set of #CriminalMinds EP9x21 “What Happens in Mecklinburg…” Day 1 of 8

  14. #CriminalMinds read thru for Episode 9x21 written by our amazing researcher #TiconaJoy #barfcat

  15. Hairy Hyphenate! Matthew Gray Gubler prepares for his transition from directing to acting.