1. Look who came to visit! Writer Breen Frazier, UPM Ian Woolf & DP Greg St. Johns w/ Ed Bernero! (@eabernero) #CriminalMinds 9x20

  2. Stunt Coordinator Tom Elliott considers his handiwork. #criminalminds #bloodrelations

  3. 15 Seconds of Movie Magic

  4. Behind the scenes of #CriminalMinds 9x20 w/ stunt person Joyce McNeal-Tolkan & Co-Executive Producer Breen Frazier. 


  5. Hey CM Fans - Watch Ep. 916 “Gabby” tonight at 10PM & make sure to chat with @jimclemente as he live tweets during the episode!

  6. It’s tie day Tuesday for the EP #9x20 Read Through #CriminalMinds #Dapper

  7. On the set with “Award Winning” writer @jsbarrois (Janine Sherman Barrois) and director @Hillview798 (Hanelle Culpepper) #CriminalMinds Episode 9x19 Day 7of8.

  8. Season One Holiday Party!! #CriminalMinds


  9. Hey fans! Don’t forget to watch #CriminalMinds EP. 9X15 Mr. & Mrs. Anderson tonight at 9PM! 

  10. @ikimharrison breaks down tonight’s #CriminalMinds episode.

  11. No new #CriminalMinds tonight but we’re still working. @dougaa and @virgilwilliams killing day 8/8 on EP#918

  12. The read through for EP#919 “The Edge of Winter” written by @Jsbarrois @iKimHarrison @rickdunkle 

  13. Last day w/ @VirgilWilliams @GUBLERNATION thanks to the cast and crew @CM_SetReport amazing and talented - rabid wrap via @dougaa

  14. #criminalminds caterer @hhannamourad keeping the cast and crew happy at lunch today. #hungry

  15. @CM_SetReport time to roll with @ajcookofficial - fighting crime and lookin good…thx AJ for kickin ass!!