CM_SetReport Chat w/Virgil Williams 11/08/12

Chat Transcript - November 8, 2012

Comment: Virgil Williams - I’m here to chat with y’all. Sorry for the delay. We had a table read. #askVirgil

Question: @heyoitsrachelx3 - How do you feel knowing that CM is such a success? (: #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @heyoitsrachelx3 I feel rich! In more ways than just money rich.

Question: @GossipRS- do you watch CriminalMinds every wednesday ? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @GossipRS I watch CM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays too. By the time you guys see it we’ve seen each ep at least twice.

Question: @AnneLaureNaud - #AskVirgil how did you came up with that idea, kind of different generation of killer passing their knowledge of a clean kill?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @AnneLaureNaud Salut! I wanted to do a story about a kid killer who just graduated from animals to humans.

Question: @1SecretWriter - #AskVirgil How did you become a writer for CM? That’s my dream job!!!

Answer: Virgil Williams - @1SecretWriter I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote…deep breath…and wrote. Then I wrote some more.

Question: @Blue_Sunflowers - #AskVirgil The parallels in last night’s epi were well done. Being underestimated (Reid/victim), and mentor/mentee (Unsubs & Morgan/Reid).

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Blue_Sunflowers Thank you!!

Question: @MindsOfCriminal - What do you do if you get writers block?? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @MindsOfCriminal Sometimes I take a break. Sometimes I just keep writing.

Question:  @PsychGirl400 - #AskVirgil What has been your favorite episode to write?

Answer: Virgil Williams- @PsychGirl400 “Profiling 101”

Question: @dragonrlrdmn - #AskVirgil did @GUBLERNATION have more trouble hitting the ball or missing it?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @dragonrlrdmn He’s a good athlete.

Question: @MindsOfCriminal - What episode do you love, but you didn’t write?? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @MindsOfCriminal Anything Erica Messer writes…(she’s standing right here) Ha!

Question: @fUNSUB69 - Mentoring is a theme in your episodes. How has mentoring affected your life? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @fUNSUB69 I am a mentor and I have a mentor. Being one and having one has only made my life better.

Question: @Kendall_Howard - #AskVirgil What character are you most like?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Kendall_Howard Superfan Kendall!I’ve missed u!I’m like Morgan cause I’m the only half black brotha on the team.And I kick doors down a lot.

Question: @Just__Jasper - Where the two wonderful uses of “pretty boy” scripted? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Just__Jasper Nope, Shemar ad libs.

Question: @mggforever

#AskVirgil who is your inspiration to become a writer?

Answer: Virgil Williams  - @mggforever My mom and my 3rd grade teacher Ms. Mackin.

Question: @jennifershobby - Can u tell us a bit more about the episode @gibsonthomas is directing? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @jennifershobby Yes, in it…people will die!

Question: @kareng1982 - #AskVirgil was the person who was taking pictures of the team at the game involved in Reid/Mystery Girl storyline?

Answer: Virgil Williams- @kareng1982 Stay tuned…

Question: @BAU_United - #AskVirgil Do you ever watch an episode back & wished you had done something different?

Answer: Virgil Williams @BAU_United Uh, yeah. Like every episode I’ve ever written on every show I’ve ever been on.

Question: @Willowy04 - The ‘shopping’ scene was almost funny in it’s casuality. The actors and writing were spot-on. What was your inspiration for it? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Willowy04 I wanted to do a coaching type of scene and apparently there was a scene like that in The Wire. It just felt cool.

Question: @DanielleDom12- #AskVirgil what does the cast do between takes? Do any play practical jokes?

Answer: Virgil Williams- @DanielleDom12 Two words - i phone

Question: @MindsOfCriminal - What episode are you working on next?? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @MindsOfCriminal 816…gonna be a heater.

Question: @kareng1982 - #AskVirgil was there anything that was cut from last nights ep that you wish we saw?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @kareng1982 We made the game sequence nice and tight, but I don’t miss anything we cut.

Question: @BAU_United - #AskVirgil Are you working on the finale at all yet? Or know what will happen?

Answer: Virgil Williams- @BAU_United Not yet. Too early.

Question: @DanielleDom12 - #AskVirgil creepy stalker is back? Will this continue till the end of the season? Or r we gonna find out soon?

Answer: Virgil Williams @DanielleDom12 Stay tuned…

Question: @mggforever - #AskVirgil fav. thing about working on set?

Answer: Virgil Williams- @mggforever The popcorn.

Question: SWPhilli - #AskVirgil What character is the focus of 8x16?

Answer: Virgil Williams- @swpwallie The entire team.

Question: @fUNSUB69 - Did you write the UnSub role with Matt Lillard in mind? That guy’s baller. #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams @fUNSUB69 No, but when his name got brought up we jumped at it. @matthewlillard is the sh%t.

Question: @dawnbishop - #AskVirgil do you ever worry PETA will say something about an episode like this? U do a good job not showing any abuse, just can vision it.

Answer: Virgil Williams - @dawnbishop No because…it’s fiction!!

Question: @MindsOfCriminal - What did you dress up as for Halloween?? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams- @MindsOfCriminal A skeleton.

Question: @Dannicushion - Who is in charge of getting Blake’s thermos into shots? #askvirgil I spotted it again!

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Dannicushion We have a mug wrangler on set. Big job.

Question: @Just__Jasper - Which character do you find easiest to write? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Just__Jasper Depends on the day and on my mood.

Question: @sarahmacphers1 - #AskVirgil does the rest of the team eventually find out about reids mystery woman,and do they notice a change in reids behavior?

Answer: Virgil Williams- @sarahmacphers1 Patience…stay tuned…

Question: @Willowy04 - The UnSub taking pics at the end provoked a HUGE visceral reaction on tumblr (STAY AWAY FROM OUR BABIES!). Did you expect that? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams- @Willowy04 No, but I like it.

Question: @mggforever - #AskVirgil will any old cast return or hve a mention 2 see how they are doing? Especially Gideon!!! He just left… wondering where he went

Answer: Virgil Williams - @mggforever Hmmm, maybe.

Question: @mggforever - #AskVirgil Can you give MGG a hug from me??? Pretty please? Love you guys, Love the Moreid scenes.

Answer: Virgil Williams - @mggforever @gublernation is hugging me right now. Sometimes he won’t stop. He can’t help himself.

Question: @jennifershobby - I’m in desperate need of some JJ/Hotch stuff. Dare I hope? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @jennifershobby Nothing wrong with hope.

Question: @kareng1982 - #AskVirgil Which other ep will you be writing this season?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @kareng1982 816 and 821.

Question: @gublerfan3980 - #AskVirgil what made you decide to use names of players from Bad News Bears for your characters in 8x6 episode?

Answer: Virgil Williams @gublerfan3980 Baseball, great movie, just trying to have some fun.

Question: @Willowy04 - There’s a big fear in the fandom that ur giving us all these wonderful family scenes because something terrible is coming. True? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams- @Willowy04 Define terrible.

Question:@swpwallie - #AskVirgil Will we ever see the pilot of the jet?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @swpwallie There is no pilot. It’s a set.

Question:@BAU_United - #AskVirgil Is it hard to find quotes for your episodes? Or is that not your job? :)

Answer: Virgil Williams - @BAU_United It’s hard sometimes. But easier than one might think.

Question:  @gublerfan3980 - #AskVirgil How long have you been writing for Criminal Minds?

Answer: Virgil Williams @gublerfan3980 I’m in my 2nd season.

Question: @EvenIfWeSink - #AskVirgil How’s Jeanne Tripplehorn fitting in with the cast?

Answer: Virgil Williams @EvenIfWeSink She is great. We love her.

Question: @PsychGirl400 - #AskVirgil What’s your most FBI-type life skill that helps you write awesome episodes?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @PsychGirl400 Kicking down doors.

Question: @NNatalieeMcd - I think Obama woud be a great person to guest star on #CriminalMinds… Or maybe you’s could just mention him in passing? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams  - @NNatalieeMcd I’ll call him and see if he wants to do a guest spot.

Question: @mggforever - #AskVirgil who is your bestie on set?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @mggforever Fleabag. And the popcorn.

Question: @PsychGirl400 - #AskVirgil What do you write outside of Criminal Minds, if/when you have time?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @PsychGirl400 Short stories. Movies.

Question: @paget_emily95 - #AskVirgil Will there be any more tidbits about Blake spilled in future episodes? Or maybe a Blake centric episode?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @paget_emily95 She is a character. So we will learn more.

Question: @NNatalieeMcd - When’s Strauss back?! #MissHer #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @NNatalieeMcd In my next ep.816.

Question: @Willowy04 - Define terrible? Death, dismemberment, horrific psych. damage to our beloved team. Really scared for Reid, since he’s happiest. #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Willowy04 Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Question: @MindsOfCriminal

What show would you love to do a crossover with?? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @MindsOfCriminal Glee or Gossip Girl.

Question: @kareng1982

#AskVirgil which is harder writing crime procedural for CM or medical jargon for ER?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @kareng1982 Crime procedural.

Question: @DanielleDom12 - #AskVirgil will there be a Penelope centric episode any time soon? I cannot get enough of Garcia! She is amazing!

Answer: Virgil Williams - @DanielleDom12 Yes, 808, check it out.

Question: @Just__Jasper

Garcia’s banter seemed much more natural and not as forced this ep - is it hard to write her, considering her role? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Just__Jasper No, she’s fun to write for. And she always has great ad libs.

Question: @Dannicushion - #askvirgil Any chance of Hotch beard on the horizon?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Dannicushion We’re casting Hotch’s beard next week.

Question: @fUNSUB69 - What is your favorite part of the writing process? Breaking the story? Writing a draft? Being done? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @fUNSUB69 I hate writing. But I love having written. So being done.

Question: @hooliganxx14 - This season seems very male focused storylines. Anything special for AJ, Kirsten or Jeanne? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @hooliganxx14 Nope, boys only this year. KIDDING.

Question: @Nat8287 - #AskVirgil What episode do you look at and think, “this is my Mona Lisa?”

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Nat8287 The one I haven’t written yet.

Question: @MindsOfCriminal - Any spoilers for upcoming episodes?? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @MindsOfCriminal People will die. A lot of them. Oh and the team will catch killers. Oh and Reid will be cute. And Morgan will be sessy.

Question: Jasper @Just__Jasper - Are we going to get to see lady-bonding this season? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Just__Jasper I hope so.

Question: @PsychGirl400 - #AskVirgil What guest star/character would you love to bring back?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @PsychGirl400 The womb raider.

Question: @NNatalieeMcd

There a chance of a Blake and Strauss catfight?! #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @NNatalieeMcd A girl can dream.

Question: @mindscriminal3

what do you like most about your job on criminal minds? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @mindscriminal3 The paycheck. KIDDING. The people. And I’m #livingthedream

Question: @handypony - #AskVirgil Any team member getting kidnapped and tortured this season?

Answer: @VirgilWilliams - @handypony Yes, Morgan will be kidnapped and raped by Ian Doyle. WHAT?! KIDDING! I can’t tell you that!

Question: @PsychGirl400 - #AskVirgil How do you like working with the rest of the writers? Do you guys work well as a team?

Answer: @VirgilWilliams - @PsychGirl400 I can’t stand the other writers. KIDDING. Again. I love them all. Best writer’s room I’ve ever been in.

Question: @mindscriminal3 - #AskVirgil would you ever consider acting in Criminal MInds?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @mindscriminal3 Nah… I was a child actor and that led me to writing.

Question: @mggforever - #AskVirgil one little morgan and reid kiss, and I’ll be completed :)

Answer: Virgil Williams - @mggforever Whoa… That’s one way to go. You should call CBS and pitch that. Wear goggles and a helmet because their heads will explode.

Question: @BAU_United - #AskVirgil Do you ever watch repeats of CM at home? :D

Answer: Virgil Williams - @BAU_United All the time.

Question: @ChrisMa31857286 - what other crime shows do you watch beside CM? What’s your favourite? #AskVirgil

Answer: @VirgilWilliams - @ChrisMa31857286 I don’t watch a lot of tv. Mostly sports.

Question: @Sara4___- #AskVirgil whatever happened to Strauss’s drinking issue? are we going to hear anything about it? also, any Strauss/rossi this season?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Sara4___ I think Strauss is sauced right now. Hopefully she’s not driving.

Question: @14rae19 - #AskVirgil Please answer this question: When is Sean Hotchner coming back? Thank you!!!

Answer: Virgil Williams - @14rae19 Soon, stay tuned.

Question: @ajmpepper - Give us a hint regarding Reid’s mystery girl! #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @ajmpepper She’s white.

Question: @jennifershobby - If u *could* hook up 2 characters romantically, who would they be? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @jennifershobby Hotch and Rossi.

Question: @swpwallie- #AskVirgil Will we see Prentiss in Season 8?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @swpwallie Prentiss left the show, guys. She’s gone. As in vanished. As in not on the show anymore.

Question: @Sara4__- ever had an episode where it was PERFECT in your head but once it was on screen you were “Meh” ? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams - @Sara4___ Yeah, every one I write.

Question: @hooliganxx14 - If u were to write for another show would u stay w/ crime based themed or switch genres? #AskVirgil

Answer: Virgil Williams -@hooliganxx14 I would go where the work is.

Question: @14rae19 - #AskVirgil Speaking of Hotch and Rossi, any good scenes between them coming up?

Answer: Virgil Williams - @14rae19 Yes.

Question: @mggforever - #AskVirgil saucy love scenes involving Reid? Will that ever happen? If that happens, every girl will be fangirlling over that on tumblr.

Answer: Virgil Williams - @mggforever I can’t answer you because Matthew is still hugging me.

Question: @TonyHeadAddict - #AskVirgil Will there be anymore of Hotch and Rossi coaching Jack’s soccer team, or Reid and Morgan playing baseball? :)

Answer: Virgil Williams - @TonyHeadAddict If it fits into a story, then maybe.

Comment: Virgil Williams @VirgilWilliams

Thanks for chatting CM fans. You guys are THE BEST FANS in the world. We love you and appreciate you watching. STAY TUNED!!!!!

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