Behind the scenes of Criminal Minds

Friday in the office… just Business As Usual #criminalminds #seasonX #H.i.M.

Have you seen it? No seriously, what is this? Where is this? #criminalminds #scaary 

Extreme Home Makeover: JJ Edition?  EP#10x04 Day 5 of 8.

Maaaaybe not the best place to leave your coffee.   EP#10x04 Day 4 of 8

Making magic happen on the set of #criminalminds EP#10x03 Day 6 of 8 

Time for #criminalminds EP10x03 Day 1 of 8 but the set is on lockdown. What does @sleewatson have in store for us? 

Can you guess where the team’s headed to next?   EP 10x02 Day 6 of 8.

Lights. Camera.  with  bring the action.  EP 10x02 Day 5 of 8.


On , a director, actor & writer walk into a bar…nope, turns out it was a morgue. EP10x02 Day 3 of 8.

Stolen Without Any Guilt. #CriminalMinds #swagbag #seasonX

Bring your daughter to work day at   EP 10x02 Day 1 of 8.

GHOST COP!  EP 10x01 Day 7 of 8.

Don’t mind us, just airing some dirty laundry.    EP 10x01 Day 6 of 8.

Evidently we’re hard at work on the set of EP10x01 Day 5 of 8.

THANK YOU for watching this season! You guys are awesome. Onwards to Season 10! #CriminalMinds #bestfansever

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